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While I can appreciate great toys, I’m one of those pesky collectors who likes to know where my characters come from. As I mentioned in the Cursed Spartan review, Boss Fight has done a great job building a story with the packages, and even two figures made to resemble statues can somehow end up having personality.

Talos, the Eternal Bronze Warrior is based on the legend of Talos, the man of bronze, who circles the island of Crete, protecting it. The filecard actually mentions four separate men (army builders GO!) made of bronze who traveled under the sea in pursuit of Poseidon.

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Obviously, main story aside, it’s the deco of these two figures that really makes them stand out.

Where the Cursed Spartan is layers of gray and black, Talos is colored a very metallic bronze, with some faded green highlights, giving the impression of an aged bronzed statue, just as one might expect. The effect is truly stunning.  As I was taking pictures for this review, I was messing with the sharpness settings and it’s incredible just how metallic Talos looks in the images, simply from a perfectly executed paint scheme.

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Talos was a Kickstarter exclusive, so is not available on the pre-order page, but even as such is a figure you’ll want to track down. The metallic paint spray is nearly flawless, making the figure truly look like a statue come to life. Like other Spartan based figures, he has a helmet, spear, shield, and sword with sheath, also coming with two sets of hands.

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His head is a bearded head, not the bald head of the Cursed Spartan, and he looks old and grizzled, which is a pretty cool look.  I believe the head he sports is the same one that will be used with the upcoming Leonidas.

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His armor isn’t the same smooth armor as other figures, but instead is a more chain mail look, and I really love the texture mixed with the layers of metallic paint. It has a raised hook in the back of the vest, too, I imagine to hold the spear (at least that’s what I have it doing.

Ultimately both Talos and the Cursed Spartan had the potential to be dull, simply because they’re figures built to look like immovable objects.  Thanks to some clever history, however, and terrific paint work, both figures manage to illicit a ton of play value as well as looking great on the shelf.  Who could ask for more?

Talos, the Bronze Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


I half expected this figure to feel like a lead miniature when I picked it up, just because the paint work was so flawless it looked metallic. One of those especially photogenic decos, Talos is an intriguing and fun addition to the Vitruvian HACKS toy line, and I’m really having a blast with him. His armor and leg guards are slightly different than the other two released Spartan figures, adding some nice variety, and I’m really digging his thick, curled bearded head. A far better figure than I thought it might be.

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