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The figure that started it all… when Boss Fight Studio first announced this new Vitruvian HACKS line, the Spartan soldier was front and center, and from my perspective, things have only gotten better.

As I mentioned in my overview of the line itself, I don’t have any particular love for Greek mythology or the whole Spartan concept, but I can appreciate good action figures, and that’s exactly what we’ve got here.

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Under the covers, the base figure is a picture perfect example of what happens when you combine incredible sculpting, intuitive design, and great construction all into a single figure. The musculature of the Spartan Warrior is tightly designed and nearly seamless, yet retains an incredible amount of articulation, more than I’ve seen on almost any other 4″ action figure ever. Even without armor, just posing and playing with a plain Spartan figure has been a blast, making small adjustments to waist rotation, torso posing, etc…

The joints move very freely, yet hold tight, remaining solid even after taking parts off and replacing with others. The base figure itself is pretty incredible, and I’m thrilled that it will remain the base figure for many future waves. Boss Fight certainly started on the right foot here.

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A relatively plain looking bearded head sits utop the Spartan figure, with no alternate heads in the package. It’s a great head sculpt and looks relatively generic enough, though once some flesh colored blanks become available, it’ll be nice to add some variety to be sure. Paint apps here are pretty straight forward, with a base flesh color, brown shorts, and nicely detailed sandals. Interesting to note is that the feet do not contain rocker ankles, just a swivel and tilt. When rocker ankles are done well, I think they’re very effective, but I’ll fully admit that it’s very tough to do them well.

On top of the figure we have a great piece of chest armor with decorative tail, adding some beef and protection to the Spartan underneath. The polished metal paint apps look great and the armor fits exceptionally snugly, so it doesn’t end up restricting range of motion much at all even when on.

bossfightstudio-vitruvian-hacks-spartan-warrior (26)

Spartan Warrior also comes with a helmet, spear, two swords and a single sheath, fully equipped and ready for battle. The spear and two swords are rigid plastic, and he can hold all of his weapons really nicely in either set of hands.  The helmet is a bit different than the other two Spartan type figures in this wave, with a braided tail that comes off the end of the headdress on top. I really like that he comes with a pair of swords, that adds a neat element to the figure that keeps him apart from the others.

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For someone who is usually a fan of extremely intricate futuristic military figures, it feels odd to be so interested in a figure based on centuries old mythology. That being said, the construction and execution of the Spartan Warrior is enough to win me over, even without any tactical vests or heavy machine guns.

Spartan Warrior
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The fiercest soldier in all of history gets translated into especially hard-edged plastic, with Boss Fight Studios’ fantastic foray into Spartan mythology. Excellent articulation, great paint deco, and a level of interchangability the likes of which have never been seen in a 4″ toy line. The Spartan Warrior is spectacular.

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