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In the grand scheme of things, as much as I’m a toy fan, I’m also a story fan, and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t real sure on where the “story” elements of a toyline based on Greek mythology would come from. Thankfully, Boss Fight has done a really good job building a story with the filecards on the back of the packages, and even two figures made to resemble statues can somehow end up having personality.

The Cursed Spartan is obviously based on what might happen if a Spartan got caught in Medusa’s gaze, but the way the story is written, these Cursed Spartans could have strange superhuman powers while being frozen in stone, and if Medusa is slain, they could end up coming back to life, even in a more modern era.

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Obviously, main story aside, it’s the deco of these two figures that really makes them stand out.

The Cursed Spartan is painted to resemble a stone texture, with some layered grays and a darker overspray that mimics some of the texture you might see with stones or rocks. The figure comes with a bald head, rather than the bearded head of the Spartan, but comes with the same smooth chest armor as the Spartan Warrior. On his lower legs is the same armor as the standard Spartan as well, nicely form fitted, but removable, made of a softer material than the regular plastic.  It’s amazing just how snugly the leg armor fits over the lower legs, it’s completely removable but does not look at all bulky or out of place.

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One thing I did notice was that the paint on the chest armor was still just a little bit tacky. Not terrible, but there’s definitely some stickiness there.

Along with the armor, Cursed Spartan comes with a stone deco helmet, sword, spear, and shield.

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Overall, I really love the deco, the overspray paint applications look remarkably like stone, and it’s amazing how detailed the paint work is, and how much some simple color layers can replicate material.

If I have any complaints, it might be that while the straight Spartan Warrior comes with only a bearded head, the Cursed Spartan comes only with a bald one.  It would have been neat if they both could have had the same head, so you could have this figure be a stone version of the existing Spartan Warrior.  A very minor complaint in the grand scheme of things.

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If you’d told me I’d be in love with two figures who were painted to look like immovable artwork, I’d have said you were crazy, but the variations in paint scheme with both figures truly injects new life into the Spartan base figure, and I find myself truly enjoying the way they both look.

As I went through this review I found myself swapping out Spartan parts for Cursed parts, and showing a cool series of “progression” shots as a hapless warrior was turned to stone.  This figure is just a heck of a lot of fun.

Cursed Spartan
  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


Yay, a stone statue of the world’s most deadly warrior. That would make for a great toy (said no one ever). Yet, somehow, Boss Fight manages to do just that. With a spectacular stone spray deco and the excellent base figure underneath, the Cursed Spartan manages to look fantastic and be just as fun to play with as his more lively brother.

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