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It’s pretty incredible how much mileage good designers can get out of a common base figure with some color and parts alterations. While Medusa received a pretty heavy overhaul with her armored bits, both Black Racer and the Coral Snake are exactly the same, minus different heads and different paint apps.

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You know what? That’s okay.

As I mentioned, the snake body base female figure is good enough that it’s hard to complain about seeing it reused. Plus, considering there’s a Gorgon army out there, I see no reason not to embrace and appreciate the different various of these creatures based on real life snakes.

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At first, I was really drawn to the Black Racer. For some reason I just loved the stark black paint apps, the screaming serpentine mouth, all complimented by really nice gold armor. As I get into these, though, I find myself really loving the Coral Gorgon with the very nicely done brown/red, black and yellow snake skin paint scheme. It looks very much like you’d expect a coral snake to look, and adds some great variation compared to the straight black Racer.

Both figures, like Medusa, are sculpted and articulated to perfection, retaining the perfect blend of slim design, durability, and range of motion. It’s great seeing the different color schemes together, and I really look forward to getting more of these.

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The Coral Gorgon’s head is solemn, but malevolent, with wide, yellow eyes and a firm grimace. Where Black Racer looks like she’s about to bite your face off, the Coral is simply contemplating how your flesh tastes, not actually taking a sample.

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However, it would be cool if, perhaps in an upcoming accessory pack, we get some alternate heads for the existing Gorgons, so we could see a Coral with her mouth stretched open in the Black Racer scream.

The Coral Gorgon isn’t quite as well equipped as her darker scaled sister, only coming with the bone headress, a sword, and a shield (along with the battle stand and alternate hands, of course). I imagine the added paint applications on the tail might have pushed cost high enough that the sheath could not be included. Not a major deal at all, in my mind, though I do love that sheath.

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Speaking of the hands, one set that has the up-down wrist joint, and a second set with back-and-forth wrist joints is included, so you can swap out to your heart’s desire. This appears to be standard release with each figure.

The sword is firm plastic, meaning no worry about warping, and as I mentioned in the Black Racer review, the shield has a clever way to attach to the arm. A thick, plastic clasp can be unfolded behind the shield, then closed around the arm, and it holds pretty tight. On the female figures, you can also wedge their fingers into the handle for that extra attachment.

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As I also mentioned in the Black Racer review, the figures are incredibly customizable, with removable pieces nearly everywhere, and while fitting quite snug, the gauntlets and chest armor are pretty easily removable.

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I find myself really loving the brown/red and black/yellow paint scheme running up and down the tail of the Coral Gorgon, and in spite of her calmer demeanor, she feels a bit more sinister with that tight grimace and glaring eyes.  Even without the sheath, I think I enjoy this figure just a bit more than her darker compatriot, though they are both, obviously fantastic.

Coral Gorgon
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I have grown immediately fond of the snake body used for the three Gorgons in our first Vitruvian HACKS shipment, and I believe the Coral Gorgon wears that suit the best. Her intricate paint scheme is vibrant and appealing, and I find her calm, serpentine face to be quite disturbing.

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