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Looking at the three Gorgons, it’s obvious that Medusa received a pretty heavy overhaul with her armored bits, but Black Racer and the Coral Snake are exactly the same, minus different heads and different paint apps.

That’s cool with me.

The snake base body is fantastic, and as I slowly amass an army (or Gorgon horde if you will) I believe I’ll appreciate each and every little variation of this figure design.

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During the initial Kickstarter campaign, I really grew fond of Black Racer (which is why I’ve got two of them), but getting her in hand, the lack of paint apps does drop her down a couple of notches in comparison to her more elaborately decoed “sisters”.

Comparing head sculpts, the Black Racer has a very elongated, serpent-like head, stretched open in an angry scream. Meanwhile, the Coral’s head is more serious and not nearly as aggressive, yet somehow oozes evil.  The two compliment each other quite nicely.

bossfight-vitruvian-hacks-black-racer-01 (26)

It would be awesome if perhaps Boss Fight might consider some additional body parts, so maybe we could get a Black Racer paint scheme on the Coral head and vice versa. Having a closed mouth Racer would make for a very cool compliment to the screaming version, just like a screaming Coral Gorgon would be cool to mix in with the serious ones.

Now from a customizing perspective, I should note that Black Racer (as well as all the snake ladies) have several areas where they can be disassembled, as shown below.  The unique “dumbbell” shape of the neck joint lets the head sit further down on the neck, yet it can also be used with other “socket” heads throughout other toy lines pretty effectively.

Both the Coral and Black Racer come with similar accessories, including the terrific looking snake skull and spine headdress, the gold chest plate armor and the gold gauntlets. However, while the Black Racer comes with a sword, shield, and sheath, the Coral Gorgon only comes with the sword and shield. It seems as if the reward for less paint applications on the Black Racer is the inclusion of a place to slide her sword.

bossfight-vitruvian-hacks-black-racer-01 (21)

Like every other figure in the assortment, Black Racer comes with an extra set of hands, with the jointed wrists for each direction.

The sword is firm plastic,and the shield has a great way to attach to the arm, just as it does with the other figures here. A thick, plastic clasp can be unfolded behind the shield, then closed around the arm, and it holds pretty tight. On the female figures, you can also wedge their fingers into the handle for that extra attachment.

bossfight-vitruvian-hacks-black-racer-01 (17)

With just a hint of variety, the Black Racer and Coral Gorgon look great individually, but are also fantastic compliments to each other, each one with a nice look and feature set that the other doesn’t have. The snake body continues to blow me away, even after three different figures, and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on more of these things. Pure beauty.

Black Racer
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  • Sculpt
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  • Paint Deco
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This dark and foreboding Gorgon warrior captivated me right away, and I actually ended up buying a pair during the Kickstarter campaign. In hand, I find her not quite as impactful as both Medusa or the Coral Gorgon, but with her screaming head sculpt and foreboding blackness, she still has a nasty attitude that I love.

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