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As an adult collector it can be a little too easy to turn to snark and disdain when speaking to certain pop culture elements, especially ones that were so important to us as children.  Anyone who has visited GeneralsJoes knows that I try and retain some of the pleasure and joy that toys brought me as a kid, and I’m extremely happy to announce a new project between myself and Jim Beard!

We are working together to bring a new book to the collecting community.  Entitled The Joy of Joe, it endeavors to portray the pleasure of G.I. Joe to kids throughout the years.

But in order to move forward on the project, we do need your help.  We do have a potential publisher, but we need a professionally designed cover and interior formatting, which does cost some up front money.  It’s not much, but it is necessary.  If this is a publication you’d like to support, please consider checking out the GoFundMe page and throwing some support our way.  All we’re asking for is money to develop the cover and format the book.  I’m greatly looking forward to getting this project out there, and sincerely appreciate anyone who might consider supporting it.  The full details are below!


THE JOY OF JOE is thirty-plus essays about the joy of growing up with one of the greatest toys of all time.

“The book will collect the memories of Joe fans from over fifty years of childhood play, and focus on the true joy of the figures and their accessories. Everything from the original 1960s soldiers through the 70s Adventure Team and into the later Real American Hero era will be covered in equal measure.”

Jim and I see this as the ultimate tribute to not only the toy itself, but to the joy of play and childhood. We would be very grateful if you could help us achieve our vision of the book and have it look as professional as possible. In return, we will try to keep its price as reasonable as we can when it’s published, so that everyone can share in THE JOY OF JOE.