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Well, it’s still a mystery, for the most part.  Folks are still suspecting that Fun Publications’ license with Hasbro will expire (and not be renewed) at the end of 2016.  So far we have neither seen nor heard anything to contradict this.

Over on the GIJoeClub Message Board, a thread has opened up with an inquiry into this, but still no information is imminent.

At this point the most succinct reply is to “Check the January newsletter” for more information on their membership plans.  This does continue to sound ominous, however, there is also a post on the forum there that mentions 2016 Club members being eligible to purchase FSS 5.0.  That, of course, begs the question… will there be an FSS 5.0 if the license expires in 2016?

Perhaps Fun Publications will just not be able to hold a convention, yet can still produce product?  Or if they launch FSS 5.0 within the 2016 calendar year, does that still fall within their license period?

Still many more questions than answers, though it sounds like once the January newsletter hits, we should get at least some information and some idea of what’s to come.

One thing is clear, and it was especially evident as I ran down my list of Top 10 figures for 2015, from a product standpoint, the Club going away would be unfortunate.  There was some great figures released through the FSS and Convention in 2015, and with the G.I. Joe fandom especially grasping for any crumbs, this seems like a bad time to take away whatever morsels we might get.

Stay tuned.