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I’ve been sharing this throughout social media, but figured not all GeneralsJoes readers are on the Facebooks or Twitters.

Exciting news as the pre-order for the first run of Vitruvian HACKS action figures are up and rolling!  For anyone who missed the Kickstarter or just wants to beef up their pledge, jump on and pre-order your little hearts out!

Pricing is unexpectedly great with Skeletons for $12,99, blanks for $14.99 and regular figures for $19.99.  Own an army of 1:18 scale skeletons for a very good price.

There are even some blanks that weren’t available in the Kickstarter.  I’ve copied and pasted a Boss Fight FAQ update below which outlines all of the minor differences between what was shown in the Kickstarter and what’s available here.

Now, go hit and pick some of this great stuff up!  GO!


Hey Boss Fighters!!

We just wanted to drop a line to clear up some confusion on our product names and additional Blanks as they appear on our Web Store.

There are many Blank Males and Females that were not part of the Kickstarter (and therefore are not included in the All-In package).

  • Shadow Grey Female
  • Transparent Orange Female
  • Python Purple Male
  • Champagne Beige Male
  • Brown Female
  • Walnut Male
  • Orange Male
  • Bio Blue Female
  • Pink Male
  • Wheat Female

As our production process moved forward we renamed many of the characters from the original names that were used for the Kickstarter. Here is a list of those changes.


  • Coral Snake is now Coral Gorgon
  • Immortal Warrior is now Talos
  • Green Snake is now Green Mamba
  • Milk Snake is now Colubrida Guard
  • Underworld Queen is now Tartarus Guard

Accessory Sets

  • Ghost Light Armor is now Glow In The Dark
    Unearthly Green is now Green


  • Fire Orange is now Transparent Orange
  • Obsidian Black is now Black
  • Lipstick Red is now Red
  • Walnut Brown is now Walnut
  • Tree Bark is now Brown
  • Sunset Orange is now Orange
  • Sunny Wheat is now Wheat

I hope that makes sense and will help you in your collecting. Sorry for the confusion but things evolve throughout the design/production process and trust us…these are all changes that benefit the future of our brand.