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When it comes to these Kickstarter campaigns, it can be a tight rope, walking the line between needing funding to start production, and actually having items at some level of production so backers know what they’re getting.

With Marauder Task Force, we had a pretty good idea, as the digital sculpt and 3D printed mock up were revealed right away, but not so much with the Valkyries.  Well, we’re less than a week to go, and now we have something to look at!

Marauder revealed the 3D Printed sculpts for their upcoming Valkyrie toy line and, as one might expect, they look amazing.  The digital sculpts translate to near perfection to the three dimensional form, and these are impressive to say the least.

Hopefully some folks were just waiting in the wings to see some physical samples, and now that they’ve been revealed, we can see some good movement on this thing again.  We’ve got a ways to go to start unlocking more of those stretch goals.  Check out the Marauder Valkyrie Kickstarter, and throw some support its way!  We need to prove that not only can independent toy makers do this stuff, but we need to prove that there’s a market for female figures as well.  Let’s do this!