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Indulge me if you will…

Obviously, if you’re coming here, you’re a G.I. Joe fan as am I, and I believe you’re familiar with the fact that I’ve been writing G.I. Joe fiction.

Well, I’d like to take a moment to announce that next Tuesday my brand new novel will be released, and it’s my first piece of non-G.I. Joe fiction to be published! It’s the beginning of my own little universe, my own little crowded section of the publishing world.

And honestly, I think it’s something that G.I. Joe fans will really enjoy.

The paperback is available now, the Kindle version is open for pre-orders, ready for delivery August 11th (next Tuesday). I’m extremely excited about this (although admittedly, also nervous) and hope that anyone who is interested will give it a chance.

It will also be available via Kindle Unlimited next week.

I’ll try not to clog this feed with sales pitches for my non-G.I. Joe stuff, but I’ll warn everyone up front, it will get mentioned from time to time. Hopefully no one minds too much.

You can check out the full press release below!



Wolf’s Head Publishing Debuts First Book Series – ‘Operation: Harvest’ | PRLog

Released for pre-order on August 1st, local publishing company announces the first novel from captivating new trilogy series.

PRLogAug. 6, 2015LEBANON, N.H.Known as the “self-publishing revolution”, many smaller publishing companies are making their debut to the public and Wolf’s Head Publishing is no exception. Justin Bell is the owner of said company that was created as a launching point for his own series of thriller-based books.

“The basic premise is that anyone can become a small publisher. You call the shots. You retain the rights to your book and you take home a bigger royalty than you’d normally get from a traditional publisher – if you sell any books,” notes CNET’s David Carnoy in a recent article.

While the publishing business may be tedious for some, Bell has made it clear that he’s up for the challenge. After getting his start in writing for the G.I. Joe Universe for the Amazon Kindle Worlds platform (, Bell’s own works have become one the most popular making the author one of the highest selling writers in that category.

His first novel in the upcoming “Operation: Harvest” trilogy is titled “The Fog of Dreams” and is classified as a “thriller and suspense genre” novel. The book boasts strong action and military elements. Bell’s novels in the “Operation: Harvest” trilogy feature genetic manipulation and conspiracy theory as overarching themes throughout the entire trilogy, as well as the strong bond between family; especially fathers and children.

“The main hero, William Strickland, is willing to do anything and everything to find his missing daughters, even if it means going up against the United States government themselves,” explains Bell. “I’ve dreamt of being a writer for my entire life, and couldn’t be more excited that the opportunity to realize that dream has finally arrived. I truly believe that the adventures will provide the same level of entertainment to the readers that they have been to the author for the past several years. On behalf of myself and Wolf’s Head Publishing as a whole, I can’t wait to get this story out to the world.”

The 332-page suspense novel is now available on Amazon (…) as of August 1st, 2015 for only $12.99, with its launch set for other digital book stores in the coming weeks. Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow the book for free as well. The novel is available both digitally or in print for customers. Bell is hoping that the birth of his own universe will provide stories and characters that will captivate readers for years to come.

About the company:

Founded in 2014, Wolf’s Head Publishing was created as the springboard for a new series of suspense and thriller novels. Originally developed as a self-publishing company for author Justin Bell’s works, the hope is for it to evolve into something larger. Its mission is to bring exciting action, superhero, and suspense novels to a growing reader base that is desperate for new entertainment.

The company’s owner and lead author, Justin Bell, has been writing for most of his life, with works in everything from fiction to technical education, news stories, and online blog and opinion posts. The story of William Strickland and Operation: Harvest is one he’s been “dying to tell for the past ten years” is newly released on

For media inquiries regarding Wolf’s Head Publishing, individuals are encouraged to contact Owner and Author, Justin Bell directly at 603-252-5624 or via email at To learn more about the company or the novel, please visit:

Owner & Author, Justin Bell

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