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joecon-2015-frostbite (3) joecon-2015-frostbite (4)

I gotta admit, this took me by surprise a bit. Rarely do we get an attendee convention figure with new parts. Generally the Club reserves those new parts for the actual boxed set, and the bonus exclusives are pretty much all repaints.

Not so with Frostbite.

Tiger Force Frostbite comes with a new head and new fur “collar” of sorts, both items never seen before in the modern line. This begs the question…did the Club get these new parts made up just for this three pack, or is this a hint that a vintage Frostbite is soon to come? We still don’t know what the 13th FSS 3 figure is…

joecon-2015-frostbite (7)

All that aside, looking at this figure on its own merits, Frostbite is pretty fantastic. He utilizes a mixture of recent parts, providing a wealth of nice sculpted detail combined with great range of motion. His upper legs look a bit older, from the 25th Anniversary, but they take nothing away from the overall aesthetic of the figure. It’s amazing how easily a figure comprised of relatively common parts can be totally transformed merely with a new head and new secondary, but Frostbite is.

joecon-2015-frostbite (19)

The two small new parts make a world of difference, but it also goes to show how critical a good build underneath is as well. As awesome as the new parts are, but integrating them with a later generation build, the figure is just elevated all the more, becoming one of the highlights of this year’s Convention set by a wide margin. His articulation is fantastic, the design on the new parts are all great, and I love the twin pistol holsters with removable weapons, too.

Frostbite is a the real deal.


joecon-2015-frostbite (2)

Like many of the other guns in the set, Frostbite comes with green weapons, and pretty awesome green weapons at that. His compact sniper rifle is great (it originally came with 25th Anniversary Zartan, I believe) and the two pistols that slide nicely into twin holsters are great touches as well. He also comes with removable goggles that can be eased over the fur hat to look even more vintage accurate. It’s a nice group of accessories that compliment the figure perfectly.

joecon-2015-frostbite (6)

Every minute I fool around with Frostbite, I learn to love the figure even more. Back in the day my favorite part about Frostbite was his rifle, but I didn’t particularly care for the character himself. The fantastic work done on building out this updated version has infused him with a ton more character and play value, and he has risen sharply on my list of favorites. Great job by the Collectors Club, and fantastic work by Boss Fight Studio on the sculpting and build for this figure. Here’s hoping we see a vintage version somewhere down the line soon.

  • Character
  • Sculpt
  • Articulation
  • Paint Deco
  • Accessories


The Collectors Club certainly pulled one out of their hat with this one. They typically don’t do a whole lot of new tooling for the extra figures, and here we have one with a new head and vest. Already rumors are swirling about where the regular release Frostbite will appear, but all I know is this version of the venerable Snow Cat driver is impressive on all levels. Great new parts, excellent articulation, and a nice assortment of accessories. They even explain his use of arctic gear in the jungle. A real winner.