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When the fifth wave of G.I. Joe Kre-O mysteriously appeared a few weeks ago, some feared that perhaps the fourth wave might end up in some sort of Hasbro-limbo. Well, good news! A few separate reports have emerged of the fourth wave of G.I. Joe Kre-O being found at Toys “R” Us stores throughout the country.

Andrew over on the For Kre-On Out Loud Facebook Group reported finding the assortment, and even did the favor of breaking down the mini-figure layout inside! Keep in mind this breakdown only works if you find a fresh case, but it’s better than nothing, right, especially since (like Wave 5) these blind bags don’t have any codes.

Here’s what Andrew reports:

Break down is a little difficult, but here goes, left front to back, Chuckles, Budo, Alpine, Airborne, Air Adventurer, then along the side were Cobra Trooper. Right front to back, Wet suit, Tripwire, Night Viper, Cobra Nemesis, Cobra Viper and along the side Zartan.

GIJoeCD also reported in the comments section of GeneralsJoes that he found the assortment in Georgia.

Get to huntin’!