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After the sightings of G.I. Joe Kre-O Wave 5 in Utah last week there were some fandom concerns about the mysterious fourth wave of Kre-On mini figures, which has, as of yet, not been spotted. Well, for anyone wondering about the fate of that fourth wave, there is at least some indication that it has hit retail somewhere.

Last night an auction on eBay appeared for a complete fourth wave of G.I. Joe Kre-Ons, which was swiftly snapped up by an eagle eyed Joe fan. The auction was listed from Rhode Island, but to date has been the only confirmed sighting of the 4th wave of mini figures. Meanwhile, Wave 5 is getting relatively easy to spot on the online auction site.

So keep on hitting those Toys “R” Us stores, from the looks of it, Kre-O Wave 4 should be out there shortly, if it’s not already.

Thanks again to Edward G on Twitter for the info.