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With G.I. Joe’s recent rocky retail environment, and a film that’s still a long ways off, folks are finding more ways to celebrate their fandom, and the latest such endeavor is G.I. Drama. Launched on IndiGoGo today, G.I. Drama is a fanfilm based on everyone’s favorite 1980s action heroes, but they need your financial help!

The project is now live on IndiGoGo and is looking for your support, so please consider throwing some money their way and encouraging your fellow G.I. Joe fans to do the same! The link to IndiGoGo is below, and check out the full details as well.

G.I. Drama is a short film inspired by a team of classic animated heroes from the 1980’s.

The video that you’ve just watched is the prologue for G.I. Drama. It was first intended to be a self-funded short film (about 15 minutes in length). It was decided to use the starting funds to create a prologue for the film that can also act as a proof of concept for Crowd Funding. We hope that you’ve enjoyed these first few minutes of G.I. Drama. It is a small sample of the longer short that we would appreciate your help in backing.

What is G.I. DRAMA?

G.I. Drama was inspired by a team of army guys & girls that appeared in cartoon & comic form during the 1980’s. Rather being just an exact live action copy of the source material it has become an entity of its own. When not protecting America from a ruthless terrorist origination that’s determined to rule the world there were some very soap opera like story elements that these American heroes had to deal with. G.I. Drama parodies this by an increased focus on these melodramatic story elements. The story is set in the real world. It tells the planning and execution of a mission by an elite anti-terrorism team. While this is happening our heroes must also deal with a love triangle.

Funding Goal & Stretch Goals

Our initial funding raising goal is $15,000. These funds will pay for Indiegogo fees, rewards, locations, props, costumes, insurance and cast/crew salaries in order to produce the entire short. The goal of $15,000 is the expected minimal required for making this film. The script has been changed a multiple times already to reduce potential costs. Exceeding this goal will allow us to add more characters, better props, more location and improve the overall production. There is a Stretch Goal to meet or exceed $25,000 in order to re-included some scenes that were removed from the script. If Backers really want to show their support beyond these initial goals we’ll turn G.I. Drama from a short film to a web series or a feature length film.

PDX Film 2000! is proud to announce the start of the G.I. Drama Indiegogo Campaign. G.I. Drama is a short film inspired by a team of classic animated heroes from the 1980’s. The idea for G.I. Drama started off as fan film and became an entity of its own. We have already made a Prologue/Proof of Concept and invite you to check it out here:

Thank you for your support.