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I know there has been a lot of Kickstarter talk with both Marauder and Vitruvian HACKS taking over conversation for a good few months, but there is a pretty cool action figure Kickstarter campaign currently going on right now from the folks at Fresh Monkey Fiction.

Fans of action figures in the 80s will no doubt appreciate the cool retro feel of the figures, and they’ve done a great job tapping into the wealth of public domain comic and pulp heroes over the past several years. They’ve got a little ways to go still to reach their goal, but it’s a really neat concept, and I’m going to toss some support their way.

Almost as interesting as the current project, though, is that they have something else on the horizon… something that might just be up a G.I. Joe fan’s alley. Earlier today, the Fresh Monkey Fiction folks Tweeted an image at me:


I questioned them on it a bit, and got the following Tweet in response:

Now that’s certain to catch some attention. What do you think? Check out the Amazing Heroes Kickstarter and then stay tuned, looks like more fun stuff is set to follow it!