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It’s a truly exciting time for folks following the Vitruvian HACKS Kickstarter campaign. The “Days Remaining” have officially converted to “Hours Remaining” (a relief, I’m sure for folks who are tired of seeing it everywhere) and the next stretch goals on the docket are accessory packs!

Unlocked late last night was the “Ghosts of the Battlefield” Two Pack, an exciting set of Glow in the Dark warriors who are arch enemies, trapped in an endless “undead” world. Now, for folks who have gone “All In” we have some great accessory sets for all the ‘Blanks’ you’ve now amassed.

The great thing is, too, once the first Accessory Set is unlocked, it’s only a $5K gap between them so expect stretch goals to fall quickly as we ramp up towards STONE FIST!! Who knows, we may see other exciting stretch goals revealed within the last few days as well.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign right here and we are in the HOME STRETCH!