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Wow. This came out of nowhere today. Granted, we’ve heard rumbling of Hasbro’s interest in 3D printing and modeling for several months, but courtesy of the Shapeways Blog we are starting to get some fuller details about Hasbro’s future plans in that realm.

According to Shapeways, Hasbro will be officially opening up their Intellectual Property to fans who want to design products using the Shapeways 3D Printing service. While they are starting with just the My Little Pony license, I would imagine this could grow dramatically going forward, and the possibilities are simply astounding.

Imagine being able to design, print and sell a custom head sculpt through Shapeways with full Hasbro legal support? Is that really on the horizon? Hasbro and Shapeways are debuting this possible exciting new venture during San Diego ComicCon, I will certainly be paying close attention.

This new joint offering between Hasbro and Shapeways can be found currently at and hopefully could be just the beginning of something impressive. Check out the site, and check them out at ComicCon as well.