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Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?  Hell no!  For Special Edition #40, we get four members of the illustrious Boss Fight Studio on the mikes, including Andrew, Erik, Fred, and Dave.  They came on the show to talk about their Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter Campaign, answer some hotly demanded questions, and just generally shoot the breeze.

Regular listeners know that Boss Fight are all good friends of the show, and we were happy to be able to sit down and talk with them for a good solid chunk of time.  Speaking of their Kickstarter campaign, consider supporting it if you haven’t already, we’re marching towards another stretch goal!  Listen to the episode on Podbean, or use the embedded player, and Show Notes are below.


OK, we admit it, we are friends, fans and huge shills for our buddies at Boss Fight Studios.  Since their Kickstarter campaign launched, we’ve done nothing but talk about these guys.  Rightfully so!  They are a very talented group of artists who worked on our favorite brand and we want to see them do well away from the corporate shackles.  They are fans just like us trying to live the dream!  The great part is, even you can help!  Have a spare dollar?  Maybe a spare $30?  How about a spare $100 or more?  EVERY DOLLAR AND EVERY BACKER TO THE CAMPAIGN COUNTS!  It is a safe investment as the initial funding level has been met, but don’t let that deter you from pitching in!  Now, sometimes these Kickstarter things are a little bit difficult to understand.  How do I contribute my money?  Is it secure?  Do they take my money now?  What are the different contribution levels?  What are stretch goals?  Learn all about these questions and more in this special edition.  Pardon in advance on some of the audio breaking up.  We were stretching the bandwidth to its limits.  However, settle in as we discuss their project (and have some fun at Chuck’s expense) over the next hour.  We hope you enjoy and when you are done, here is the almighty link to allow you to contribute.  You won’t be disappointed!

Boss Fight Studio