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The past few days have brought some exciting news about the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter from Boss Fight Studio, and everyone supporting it deserves a huge round of thanks!

A few milestones to talk about…

First of all, the latest stretch goal was reached early yesterday, and the first four “Blank Figures” are now unlocked!  This includes the very popular “Python Purple” female.


Also announced was that at 700 Backers, Boss Fight Studio will be adding the exciting Amazon Warrior to the Kickstarter.  It stands at 604 backers right now, we need another 96.  Spread the word!  This Amazon will be available to purchase at $25 for anyone who has pledged at least $115, and will be included with the “All In” pledges as well!  GO GO GO!



The next stretch goal to watch for stands at $150,000 which will give us King Leonidas himself as well as the “Black Racer” Gorgon Warrior.  Two exciting Wave 3 figures!  Let’s make this happen!  With each Stretch Goal unlocked that only makes the $500 “All In” option an even better deal, so let’s unlock these stretch goals, boost some pledges, and capitalize on it!