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The next G.I. Joe: Battleground event is now live! While I love the artwork they chose, it’s interesting that they reference Franklin Talltree in the text, but the art is actually for the Sky Patrol version of the character, who is not Franklin Talltree. Hrmmm…

Cobra has been quietly abducting people with psychic potential, indoctrinating them with their venomous methodologies, empowering them with their psi-amplifiers, and controlling them with their neural disruptors. This burgeoning army of psions can change the very fabric of reality, but Cobra makes one fatal mistake—they abduct Tommy Talltree, the brother of Franklin Talltree, AKA Airborne. The Joes launch a world-wide search for their missing brethren, and Global Warfare erupts!

Can the rock-solid-but-conventional weaponry of the G.I. JOE Steel Brigade contend with brainwashed psychic soldiers? Is Airborne’s helicopter chaingun a match for Cesspool, the toxic CEO? Find out in “Mind Over Family Matters,” the exciting Global Warfare event launching today!

Please note that Global Warfare has changed!

* It is now a five-day event! As a result…
* The group schedule (for possible demotions and promotions) has changed! See the schedule below!
* The best event points (and the greatest challenges) will be found in all win-streak battles that are multiples of 3 (battle 3, 6, 9, 12, and so on)!
* Retreating from a map NO LONGER resets your win-streak to zero!

Group Times (PDT)
Term 1 – June 19, Event Start — June 20, 9AM
Term 2 – June 20, 9AM — June 20, 9PM (12 hours)
Term 3 – June 20, 9PM — June 21, 9AM (12 hours)
Term 4 – June 21, 9AM — June 21, 9PM (12 hours)
Term 5 – June 21, 9PM — June 22, 9PM (24 hours)
Term 6 – June 22, 9PM — June 23, 9PM (24 hours)
Term 7 – June 23, 9PM — June 24, 3PM (18 hours)

PLEASE NOTE that there is a TWO-HOUR calculation period before each group term closes! During that time you can still initiate PvP battles and earn points that will affect your final ranking, but those points will not affect your standing within your upcoming groups.

Good luck on the Battleground! Download it for free on IOS and Android!