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I’m sure the thought has crossed many minds among the online G.I. Joe community, what with news of the Jem movie, and rumors that Jon Chu was in talks to direct another film following it, that perhaps the future of the G.I. Joe motion picture franchise wasn’t real pretty.  Heck, I’ll fully admit, I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Well, G.I. Joe film universe fans, there’s a little something to look forward to courtesy of the 2014 Licensing Expo and  The eagle eyed reporters at Coming Soon spotted a G.I. Joe 3 Movie Poster.  It is impressive in its generic-ness, but the fact that a poster is there shows that it’s still on the mind at Paramount, and it’s not dead yet!

No real information beyond the image is available as of yet, but check out, and I’ve also mirrored the image below.