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As folks who have been reading my dio-story know, I’m a Vypra fan for sure, so I was looking forward to the FSS update quite a bit.  Vypra I thought was ripe for some interesting twists, just because she’s not a really familiar character and could certainly be well served by some intriguing updates.

As it turns out, the final result is a repaint of Jinx, which makes sense because that’s what the original was, but I won’t lie, I was hoping things might get  changed up a bit, since there weren’t many folks (besides me, that is) who were firmly attached to the character.

I do love her accessory pack out, though.  Check out or the mirrored image below.

EDIT – As has been pointed out by a few helpful commentors below…  Vypra does indeed have Renegades Scarlett legs, which believe it or not, goes a certain distance towards redeeming the figure for me.  I would still have loved a slightly more elaborate paint scheme, and perhaps an unmasked head or something… something like we got with FSS 1.0 Jinx.  But still, I do like the actual boots and military legs.  That’s a nice touch.