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This is some news that’s sure to excite some Kickstarter supporters.  Just recently, the Boss Fight Studio Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter reached a milestone of $105,000 which unlocked a pair of Wave 2 figures – the Athenian Warrior and the Green Snake Gorgon:

Well, supporters were quite excited by this, and asked about the possibility of “Army Builder” packs for these two new figures.  Boss Fight Studios says YES!  They have just unlocked Army Builder packs for both the Athenian Warrior and the Green Snake Gorgon!  Go stock up, and build us up towards that $120,000 stretch goal!  When that stretch goal is unlocked, we’ll receive two MORE new figures, Stheno (Medusa’s sister) and the Underworld Warrior.  Stheno is vindictive, she’s furious at the gods’ mistreatment of Medusa, and did we mention she has cobras for hair?  Meanwhile, the Underworld Warriors are once living humans, now fallen warriors who serve in the armies of Hades. Their mission: to keep the Gorgons from overtaking the land of the dead itself.

We’re doing great here, let’s keep up the momentum!  My eye is still on STONE FIST!  Support the Vitruvian H.A.C.K.S. Kickstarter now!