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Were you watching from the wings as the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter surged to over $250K?  Were you a little tight on cash and disappointed that you couldn’t participate?  Or did you participate and just decide you want to grow your pledge and pre-orders a bit?

Well, here’s your chance!

The Marauder “Task Force” Pre-Order has been extended through Fundafull!  Anyone who didn’t have a chance to pledge, or perhaps wants to increase their pledge, has until June 1st to make it happen.  Keep in mind, any of the Kickstarter exclusives remain Kickstarter exclusives, but here is a great chance to make sure you get everything you wanted out of the initial offering.  Along with this, Marauder has also revealed some fan art for the red deco Task Force member, and mentions that it’s very close to what they are proposing!  Check out the full details after the jump.

Hey Folks!

Thanks to our Supporters, the Marauder Task Force action figure Kickstarter pre-order project was a huge success!  We not only reached our initial funding goal, but surpassed several of the bonus add-on goals!  After the event ended, we received several requests from folks that wanted to also participate in the preorder, but for one reason or another missed out.   So we are able to now announce that the pre-order event has been extended to NEW participant!  The pre-order process is hosted on the Fundafull website.  Registering on the Fundafull site is FREE, you can pay for your order with a direct credit card payment (nothing to do with Kickstarter or Amazon) and your order will ship in December with the original Kickstarter pre-orders.

The new pre-order option will be open until June 1st.  So if you were unable to join in the original Kickstarter event, now is the opportunity to participate!

Please understand that the Kickstarter exclusive items and the Kickstarter exclusive deluxe value sets (Commodore, Admiral and Vice Admiral levels) are NOT part of the new order selection assortment. Those items and levels were ONLY for those that participated in the original Kickstarter pre-order event and are no longer available.

Thanks again for your support!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team
Marauder “Gun-Runners”