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Good morning!

Already it seems the reaction and response to my G.I. Joe novel The Price of Peaceon Amazon has been really good.  At one point I was the #5 best seller in my Kindle Worlds category, and seem to be one of a couple leaders in the club house in the G.I. Joe “World”.  I really appreciate everyone’s support!  The feedback I’ve received so far has been very kind and very humbling, and while I know that Kindle Worlds is more or less glorified fanfic, I have to admit, as someone who has been an aspiring writer and author for my entire life, it feels pretty neat to have an actual “Author Page” on Amazon.  So anyone who has supported the work thus far, thank you VERY much.  Honestly.

Along those lines, if you have enjoyed The Price of Peace, either now or in the past, please consider leaving me a review.  Reviews really play strongly into the Amazon search matrix, and if folks could just take a couple minutes of their time and review Part 1 of the Price of Peace trilogy, that would be excellent.

Meanwhile, I am currently working on the formatting for Part 2, and hope to have that posted early next week with Part 3 following shortly there after.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their support on this, it’s kind of a dream come true…Check out The Price of Peace banner below, and thanks again.