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Over the past couple of weeks, the folks at Boss Fight Studio have been revealing some more great sneak peeks and hints for their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  Fans who are feeding for new 4″ toys to sink their teeth into should have their opportunity shortly as the toy makers promise a revolutionary new toy system with great design, articulation, and never before seen customization options.

I think as G.I. Joe fans we are all very familiar with the work from Boss Fight Studio on our precious G.I. Joe brand, and in fact we’re still seeing the fruits of their tireless labor with many of the upcoming 50th Anniversary releases.

Now, as the Kickstarter is on the verge of launching, we’re all anticipating some fantastic new action figures focused around Greek Mythology, a concept that many toy collectors have been waiting for all their lives.  It certainly seems as though Boss Fight is doing them proud!

As someone who has known the Boss Fight Studio folks for a very long time, and helped them develop their website, I’ve been able to get a little bit of a behind the scenes look at the process, and I feel no hesitation in saying that toy fans should be eating this stuff up.  These figures could potentially redefine the notion of “highly articulated” in the 4″ scale.  Just like our favorite G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero action figures totally turned the idea of articulation on its ear, Boss Fight Studio stands poised to do the same thing again.  As part of the concept process, I’ve also seen some upcoming work, and please trust me when I say that all of us have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to.

While Assortment 1 is clearly focused on great offerings from the realm of Greek Mythology, there is much more planned in the future, and they are not afraid to jump into the science fiction world, too.  In fact, the third assortment will feature a fantastic robotic trooper that I think will appeal to many of us.  As one might expect, this great looking android promises a level of customization and articulation that all G.I. Joe fans expect, and is sure to come with a bevy of awesome science fiction accessories as well.  So when this Kickstarter launches, try not to just think of the amazing things that they’re doing with Greek Mythology, but think forward, and imagine what these design skills that we’ve seen on mostly normal bodies wearing historic armor could do with all of the limits removed and with only your imagination as the guide.  I get goose bumps just thinking about it!

I hope you’ll all join me as we wait for this exciting Kickstarter campaign and consider pledging to support the awesome work they’ve done, the great stuff they’re doing, and the mind-blowing assortments that are still to come!