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I mentioned in my last news post that time spent on the dio-story had taken some time away from reviews, but all that time is about to pay off!

Ten days from today, Sunday, April 14th, my latest Dio-Story will begin!  Picking up right where Ghosts left off, with Cobra on the precipice of executing Operation: Eclipse, G.I. Joe has been pushed to their breaking point.  Mustering up all their resources, the team launches one last offensive against Cobra’s secret Amazon headquarters!

This is the largest scale dio-story I have ever done, and I feel like it’s a satisfying end to my little corner of the G.I. Joe universe.  I hope others will feel the same way after all is said and done.

Check out the teaser on YouTube, and you should play some catch up with my previous dio-stories as well!  You can also hit up my Dio-Story updates on the site itself, which will show some set building, etc…

Thanks for all of the support throughout my long walk down this road, I hope the destination ends up as fun as the ride has been.