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In fact, they’re changing the game so much, having “Gun Runners” in their name no longer feels like it captures what they’re currently doing.

For over 10 years now, the “Gun Running” experts over at Marauder have been supplying brand new sculpted and tooled weapons for your favorite 1:18 scale gaming figures, action figures, and others… along with those weapons they’ve been building battle stands, and also distributing accessories of many different types.  But for the first time in their existence, Marauder is doing something totally new and different.

Introducing, the Marauder “Task Force”.

Yes, you heard me.  Marauder is doing FIGURES.  Fully modifiable, customizable, and designed by your friends and mine, Boss Fight Studio, Marauder is completely redefining the modern military figure game, and as one might expect, they need our support to do it!

Somehow they managed to sneak this under the radar, but launched today was a Kickstarter for this new Marauder Task Force, which is sure to be a huge hit with G.I. Joe fans and toy fans everywhere.  I WILL NOT REST UNTIL THIS IS FUNDED.

Take a look for yourself, and somehow I suspect I won’t need to encourage G.I. Joe fans to do this.  It speaks for itself.

Now let’s fund this bad boy!


Check out the full announcement after the jump!

Marauder “Gun-Runners”


Marauder Task Force Action Figures “Pre-Order”

Hey Folks!

Introducing the MARAUDER TASK FORCE Action Figures!

Highly detailed, fully articulated figures with multi-role customizable designs and featuring a wide variety of “modular” interchangeable accessories.  The nameless, faceless, minions are ideal “army builders” or perfect “backup” troopers to use with other currently available action figures.  “Night-Ops” Marauders, “Desert-Ops” Marauders, “Urban-Ops” Marauders…whatever mission, the Marauder Task Force figures can fill the need.

The Marauder Task Force figures feature multiple designs, several color options and a large number of accessories.  REMOVABLE Helmets, headgear and vests coupled with a wide variety of INTERCHANGEABLE accessories (holsters, sheaths, ammo pouches, pockets & more)…leaves the final  figure & accessory combination up to you!

Each fully assembled, factory painted, 1:18th scale action figure is produced at a high tech manufacturing facility using modern ABS & PVC materials (NOT handmade “castings” made out of “resin”).  We were fortunate to work with the incredibly talented designers and sculptors at Boss Fight Studio on this project.  Seriously, the figures need to be seen in person to really appreciate the level of detail (pictures DO NOT do the figures or accessories justice!).

We’ve launched a Kickstarter pre-order project to help get the required funding to start production.   Designs, prototypes and paint masters are COMPLETE…all that remains to do is tool up and produce the actual figures and accessories.  Please visit the Marauder Task Force Kickstarter project page for more pictures and greater in-depth details about the project.

(either “click” the link or go to and enter “Marauder GR” in the search field)

Hope you like Marauder Task Force figures & accessories and consider participating in the Marauder GR Pre-Order event!

Thanks again for all your support and if you have any questions, please let us know via email, thru the kickstarter message system or on our facebook page.
Take care!
MJ & the entire Marauder Team
Marauder “Gun-Runners”
Marauder GR Pre-order for NEW items on