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Without question, the most frequent question I’ve received over the past several years is “when are you going to do the next dio-story?”

The answer is now.

Joining the enthusiastic G.I. Joe celebration for the 2014 G.I. Joe Convention, and appropriately in the same weekend that both Hit & Run and Vypra were announced for Figure Subscription 3.0, I now present G.I. Joe: Darkness Falls.

It has been added to my Dio-Story menu above, and has its dedicated page right here, and you can go ahead and check out the Prologue directly.  Expect weekly episodes, every Sunday, and right now the series is slated to run a whopping 40 episodes!

It’s been a long and hard labor of love, and it’s a labor that still continues as I work to ensure that there will be regular updates throughout the entire story.  Check it out, and I really hope it was worth the wait.