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Okay, maybe I’m hoping for too much here… but we are within about 13 hours of the Marauder “Task Force” wrapping up its funding and currently it sits at just above $180,000.  That is absolutely amazing and fantastic.

The “Julie” stretch goal just unlocked, which is a cool sounding arctic themed figure.

But…  there’s still a figure goal out there that might be attainable, depending on how much we can push this.  At the $210,000 level the “Logan” stretch goal will be unlocked, which features “a Commando-Ops Marauder Gaming figure.  Red deco figure molded in color with factory applied paint.  Figure includes “Balaclava” head sculpt, “Half-Shell” helmet, and “modular Armor” vest with interchangeable pockets and accessories”.

Now maybe I’m being greedy, but personally I think a red deco figure sounds pretty bad ass and I’d love to see that stretch goal unlocked.  But is it realistic?  $30,000 in the final 13 hours seems like a very lofty goal, but the Marauder “Task Force” Kickstarter has been breaking those goals for 29 days and 11 hours.  Why stop now?

If you’re on the fence, NOW IS THE TIME.  Go hit it, and let’s do this!