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The Boss Fight Studio folks have already become household names, simply by the nature of their fantastic design work for some of our favorite Hasbro properties, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’ve been out in the community and engaging with fans throughout social media.

They’ve slowly been building up momentum over the past couple of months, releasing some small teasers and little tidbits of information about what they might be working on, and now their new platform for communication is online. launched this morning, with a chance to sign up for their newsletter, and some great art banners revealing some new stuff that they’ve got in their back pocket.  No huge product revelations yet, but you have to think that’s coming soon.

Go hit up and don’t forget to get them on Facebook and Twitter as well, to keep up to date on all of the great happenings!

There is a Kickstarter campaign soon to launch, and hopefully many of us can come together and support this exciting endeavor.

Go Boss Fight!