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No, this isn’t G.I. Joe news specifically, but you’ll have to bear with me when it comes to Boss Fight Studio, expect me to be thoroughly promoting the work they’re doing.  It’s well deserved.

Over on, the crew has posted a series of new images of their first prototype figure, and these images have revealed a few more details about the potential construction of the figure:



As you can see there, the figure promises to maintain a very high level of articulation, and there are certainly some interesting new joints there on the inner thigh.  Also, at least near the bottom portion of the torso, there appears to be a back screw!  It’s still unknown exactly how much this screw will allow for disassembly, but the fact that one is there must be lighting a fire under the customizers out there.

Keep watching for the latest updates on their product, from the looks of things, there will be stuff that many G.I. Joe collectors will be interested in, even if Greek Mythology ain’t your thing.  The custom possibilities alone are amazing.