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If you ever had any burning questions to ask Michael Bell, NOW IS THE TIME.  He is doing an AMA on Reddit to support a project his daughter is working on.

You can check out the Reddit AMA right here, and even if you don’t have any questions for him, considering passing along a “thanks” to the original voice of Duke by supporting his daughter Ashley’s project on Indigogo.

So far the thread has already been very insightful!  The full details are below:

I am turning to you to help support my daughter, actress Ashley Bell ( The Last Exorcism, Love and Air Sex, and the just released Sparks), get her documentary Love and Bananas off and running. She went to Cambodia last year to film a short on the rescue of 2 abused captive elephants from a logging camp, and their subsequent release to the Cambodian Wildlife Sanctuary. Once there, she realized a full documentary was needed to present the plight of captive wild elephants as well as the disappearing rain forest, and wildlife in that region. Hence her campaign to raise funds to complete her documentary. I am prepared to answer all of your questions honestly and with I hope some wit.

Here is Ashleys indigogo website, please help us!–2/x/5355369