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EDIT – Twitter friend Dan Uthman has found Atomic Man, so now we are fully stocked on blind bag codes!  Check ’em out below.

Most of them, anyway…  and yes, since we have blind bag codes, that also means that Wave 3 has been found at retail!

WestKoastKobra at reports that his local Toys “R” Us has stocked the third wave of mini figures (minus Atomic Man, unfortunately), and he scooped them all up, and has graciously laid down the blind bag codes for us!

33501 53 Andrew “Footloose” Meyers
33501 54 Lady Jaye
33501 44 Nunchuk
33501 52 Flight Jet Trooper
33501 03 Polar Assault Eel
33501 05 Tom “Torch” Winken
33501 66 Scrap Iron
33501 51 Carl “Doc” Greer
33501 43 Night Creeper
33501 04 Crimson Guard Tomax
33501 86 Low Light
33501 50 Atomic Man

The numbers in bold are the unique numbers to look for on the blind bags.  This information will also be put in my Kre-O SuperPage as well.  Interesting to note that the “Snow Serpent” is now the “Polar Assault Eel”.  Makes sense, because the classic file cards mentioned that Snow Serpents were arctic trained Eels, but I can only imagine it was a trademark thing.

He also snagged the Outpost Defender set.

I will fully admit I didn’t realize just how badly I was feeding for some new Kre-O’s until I saw this thread.  NOW I WANT ‘EM!

Big thanks to Todd from Magnum 6 Delta for the information!  Check out some of the images from WestKoastKobra below.