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Fresh off of events featuring a story tied to the Sunbow 2-Parter “Worlds Without End” we’re getting another Sunbow themed follow up based on the classic episode “The Viper is Coming”.  Of course any connection is pretty tenuous, as I’m pretty sure Blackout never appeared in that old school episode.

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Check out some screen shots below.

G.I.JOE has received numerous calls from a mysterious informant whose cryptic messages lead the Joes unerringly to Cobra bases and operations all over the globe! The two sides clash as each tries to discover the identity of the enigmatic caller known simply as the Viper. Can Stalker, G.I.JOE’s original ranger, stand up to Black Out, Cobra’s cold, methodical sniper? How will your squads fare with the new debuff logic? Find out in the exciting Global Warfare event, The Viper Calls, on now!