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Those of us who were lucky enough to score a ticket to the official custom class for the 2014 G.I. Joe convention have been eagerly anticipating word of what the custom figure might be and what parts we should bring.

Well the G.I. Joe Convention Facebook page broke the news yesterday, and I gotta tell you, I’m pretty excited.

The custom character is slated to be “Chef” and at the show will be cast heads for 30th Anniversary Lifeline, a modified Firefly torso, and a plethora of 3D printed accessories, including some “Honey-Do House Bat” weapon attachments.  Pretty cool.

To give folks an idea of what the recipe might look like, check out the images below, and then click the “Read More” link to get the entire run down of this year’s custom class.

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Also, check out the great concept art for Chef’s Apron, which may give some indication of what we can expect for 3D printed parts at the con, courtesy of Gyre Viper on the G.I. Joe Discussion Facebook Page:



For the full rundown, click the Continue Reading link below.

Here are the details:

“Hey Joe Fans, it’s CLASS time!

As you know, we are hosting a customizing class for the GI Joe Collector’s Club in Dallas on Thursday April the 10th. The times for the class have been moved up slightly to 8AM, so be aware. This will get you out earlier for package pick-up.

This year’s class is a bit different than what has been put together in the past in that it’s a more directed build, instead of the usual custom free-for-all. The figure we’ll be working on, and that you’ll receive parts for this year is “Chef”.
You may not be aware, but Starduster (Action Stars Cereal Premium Mail Away) was originally supposed to be a different character who was the GI Joe team’s mess cook. The original figure used most of the same parts we saw on Starduster, but with a couple of differences and some new parts. We are paying homage to this bit of GI Joe lore but building a modern update of this character.

The parts for Chef that will be provided in class will all be cast in two different densities of commercial grade urethane resins and made in their base colors. The parts list includes:

head- 30th Lifeline casting
torso- 3 pack Firefly torso (modified to remove the turtleneck)
shoulder rings & hardware for the torso with pistol
shoulder holster- modified Zandar holster
apron- new 3D digital sculpt piece by Boss Fight Studios
utensils (slotted spoon, frying pan, soup ladle)- new 3D digital sculpt pieces by BFS
waterslide Navy forearm tattoo (all the best military cooks are from the Navy, ‘natch)
zombie brain (yes, you read that right)

Also included are new 3D digital design accessories to build your own “Honey-Do House BATS. These are three brand new parts that like the Chef, are only available in this class and nowhere else. These parts include:
vacuum with hose
hedge trimmer
pneumatic toilet plunger

For your Chef build, you should plan to bring arms and legs that will complement the parts we’ve listed. The images of Chef showed that he was to have used the ARAH Flint arms, so short sleeves and gloves would be appropriate. If you want to use parts currently available at retail, we suggest: Tracker Kwinn or Ultimate Flint.

Regarding legs for your Chef figure, we suggest anything that has a bloused mid length boot and basic thighs. Knife scabbards or holsters will prevent the apron from fitting properly, so bear that in mind.

We are providing paints, glue, brushes and cutting tools for the build. If you have a favorite set of brushes or paints that you prefer, please do bring them. There will be a small selection of donor body parts available for those first time customizers who have not acquired a “morgue” of parts to choose from yet. Please only plan to use the morgue if you do not have any parts of your own to choose from.
Well, there you go! The guys from Boss Fight Studios and myself (John “Alyosha” Russell) with Paul “Raginspoon'” Kirschstein are very much looking forward to hosting this class, and meeting all of the attending GI Joe customizers in person.

See you there!