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Big props to skinny for tracking this down on Vimeo, but apparently a couple of days ago, Vimeo posted a wealth of content specifically related to Larry Hama, and as one might expect, there is plenty of discussion about G.I. Joe throughout.

The series seems to start with a “Meet Janice Chiang” introduction, who mentions that she’s known Larry for over three decades, and then if you look at the related videos, there are nearly FIFTY different interviews and snippets with the godfather of A Real American Hero.  Not all of the conversations are G.I. Joe related specifically, but he’s always an interesting guy, and there is plenty of great stuff here to watch and listen to.

Thanks again to skinny for pointing this out.  Check out the first video right here, and also check out a three part “How G .I. Joe Changed Comics” playlist here.

on gijoe changed comics-short from TheSpittingImage on Vimeo.