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Over on Toys “R” Us pro Master Chief has posted a price list for much of the upcoming 50th Anniversary and G.I. Joe Kre-O product!  The prices look to be excellent, especially considering what we’re getting with them.

  • GI Joe Versus 2 packs (Item 082796)  – $14.99
  • GI Joe Outnumbered Team Pack (3 packs) (Item 082801) – $19.99
  • GI Joe Danger at the Docks (VAMP and Night Landing Craft set) (Item 082754) – $29.99
  • GI Joe Battle Below Zero (Wolf and Sky Hawk set) (Item 082806) – $39.99
  • GI Joe Kreo Terrordrome (Item 085927) – $99.99

He is careful to mention that these items likely won’t be shipping until summer/early fall, so not to get too ramped up with contacting your local Toys “R” Us, but it’s cool to at least see some listings out there!

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