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Good morning!

So we stand here on the eve of the 2014 Toy Fair, and Hasbro is doing their fan presentation tomorrow afternoon.  For the past several years, GeneralsJoes has been in attendance at this presentation and provided live up to the second coverage from the show.

Unfortunately this year, circumstances dictated that I would not be able to make the trip down to New York City.  But you can believe that I will combing the net and providing updated information (as much as possible anyway) throughout the day, and once images to press outlets are made available, I’ll get them rolling.

I know I’ve been pretty clear that I don’t expect much at Toy Fair this year, but with the rumored “spotlight” on the 50th Anniversary, I will be keeping my virtual eyes peeled and fingers crossed for some cool news.  Hopefully everyone else will do the same.

To anyone travelling to the big city, safe travels!