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So unlike previous years I’m looking at the Hasbro Fan Event this year from an outsider’s perspective, which is an interesting sensation indeed.  Normally this morning is filled with hectic travel down to the city, navigating the trains from Connecticut, and then the whirlwind walk from Grand Central to the location of the event.

Keep your eyes on the interwebs starting around 1:00pm or so, as I believe that’s the start time for Hasbro’s event.  Typically, in years past, the G.I. Joe Collectors Club has posted some images ahead of the event, though I’m not sure if that will hold true this year.

But please manage expectations.  I’m not sure precisely how much stuff is going to be shown, but it would be nice if some little gesture to the father of the action figure was on display in the city today.  It’ll be a very fun ride, regardless.