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If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been promoting a Kickstarter Campaign for this new independent film project, but I hadn’t posted anything about it here on GeneralsJoes yet.  Well, that’s gonna change now.

As many of you should recall, Mark Cheng worked on a G.I. Joe fanfilm, Operation: Red Retrieval a while ago, and managed to impress many viewers.  One key viewer who he impressed was none other than Larry Hama himself.  Thus began a collaboration that is now resulting in a Kickstarter Campaign for an independent “micro budget” film project Ghost Source Zero.

Today, the monster YouTube channel Machinima posted the pilot episode of Ghost Source Zero, which features the first 4.5 – 5 minutes of the project.  It’s a look into a future where artificial intelligence and cybernetics run wild, and a cyber crime unit is tasked with investigating  a particularly interesting case.  It’s definitely got a Larry Hama flair, and judging purely by the first four minute sequence, there are some impressive production values involved as well.  Please consider supporting the project on Kickstarter so we can get the next 11 parts to go along with the pilot.  It looks like a very, very fun project.  Check out the Pilot embedded (from YouTube) below, and again, hit up Kickstarter to show your support.