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Long live Star Brigade!

G.I. Joe: Battleground, the exciting collectible card mobile game from DeNA and Mobage has launched their next event, and they’re taking things to the stars!

G.I. Joe’s top operatives have stowed away aboard a Cobra supply rocket headed for a M.A.R.S. space station, which is poised to take over all of Earth’s satellites! Meanwhile, G.I. Joe calls in the Star Brigade, but will even Sci-Fi, Payload, Ozone, Roadblock, and Rock ‘n Roll be enough to defeat Destro’s newest battle armor design? And what happens when Baroness puts her considerable field and intelligence experience towards repelling the Joe attack? Find out in the exciting Takedown Event starting today!

See the mirrored images below.  Star Brigade Sci-Fi FTW!

Download G.I. JOE: BATTLEGROUND for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices for free at: