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They didn’t announce it would be coming today, but here’s a nice surprise! The G.I. Joe Collectors Club has debuted another figure from the 2014 Convention boxed set, and this time it’s the E.C.O. Force Leader, Flint! Sporting a rocking new head sculpt and new helmet, this figure looks pretty spectacular. I love the green and yellow paint scheme, and using the Resolute shotgun shells gauntlet for him is pretty inspired.

The integration of the 30th Anniversary parts and the Retaliation torso is an awesome move. Love the base figure here, it’s really, really nice looking.

Parts breakdown is:

Head – New
Torso – Retaliation Cobra Trooper
Arms – Ultimate Cobra Commander
Legs – 30th Anniversary Airtight
Helmet – A new sculpt, which according to Boss Fight Studios (the designers of it) is a “hybrid” of Flint’s and Ozone’s.

I love the shade of green… excellent, excellent work right here. Check out the full details at