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Now this is some cool stuff.  Speaking as someone who has zero musical talent I always appreciate those folks who can sing or play instruments… but for G.I. Joe fans who have musical talent and actually infuse their fandom with their musical talent?  That’s some bad ass right there.

And Wordburglar is doing just that.  Check out the details below to listen to this G.I. Joe fan and rap master!

“Welcome To Cobra Island” is a free concept record inspired by
Wordburglar’s love of GI JOE, the comic book works of Larry Hama &
Mike Costa and the animated series written by Buzz Dixon, Flint
Dille, Christy Marx and Steve Gerber (to name a few). The album
features fully possible, swivel arm, kung-fu battle grip and is
suitable for ages 4 and up. The full-length “Welcome To Cobra Island”
will be available for download on May 30th. Yo Joe!

You can listen to and download the first 3 songs for free right now:

And for more Wordburglar feel free to visit

This is some seriously impressive stuff.  You gotta check it out at the links above.