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Perhaps I’m a late adopter, because I only really started getting sucked into the G.I. Joe Kre-O offerings over the past few days.  It took a bit for me to order the sets on and they just showed up this past week.  After spending a few multi-hour marathons with my 7-year old building these sets, I am officially a fan!

Granted, this is coming from a Lego n00b who really doesn’t have a lot of backstory with building sets.  All I know is the mini figures are a lot of fun, and watching these build sets come together has been a real blast.  But what I’ve done is nothing compared to what some other folks are already doing.  On Twitter Troy McKie Art has already spun up a bunch of very cool customs using G.I. Joe, Battleship, and even some Transformers Kre-O parts.  He jumps headlong into 1987 and really does some awesome stuff with some pretty straight forward part swaps.

Check out the gallery below:

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He even let us know some of the recipe’s:

  • Outback is Joe Colton Head, Storm Shadow torso backwards, TF hands, and BattleShip Legs.
  • Tunnel Rat is TF helmet and legs, the rest is BattleShip
  • Falcon is Stalker with clutch arms and BattleShip head with Joe gear
  • Fast Draw is all BattleShip and TransFormers with a bad ass rocket launcher backpack.

Again, huge props to Troy McKie Art for posting those great Kre-O customs, and make sure you check out his website as well at