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There seems to be a ton of G.I. Joe related news going around these days, so the need to branch out into non-G.I. Joe news isn’t really there.  However, I wanted to talk a little bit about a project called the Outer Space Men.  These toys are faithful recreations of a classic toyline that have an incredible vintage aesthetic.

Originally appearing in 1968, the Outer Space Men figures are an icon in the world of space-themed action figures, and deservedly so.  What I wanted to let you know about is a very special occasion.  Legendary toy inventor Mel Birnkrant is working to produce a second series entitled “Cosmic Creators”.  In the G.I. Joe world, this would almost be like Ron Rudat, Bill Merklein or Kirk Bozigian coming back to G.I. Joe for a special edition line of vintage themed G.I. Joe toys.  This is a huge deal.

I think endeavors like this are terrific, and definitely something I want to talk about.  The scope and reach of toy design and toy production goes so deep into our country’s history, both in terms of culture and manufacturing, and I felt like I wanted to talk about these for just a few minutes.  Take a look at and appreciate the gorgeous vintage themed toys from the good old days, and from today.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

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