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Shame on me for not talking about this yet…

Somewhat lost in the shuffle of convention news and G.I. Joe: Retaliation stuff is that everyone’s favorite Gun Runner, Marauder, Inc. has fired off another Kickstarter campaign!  The funding of his next series of weapons was such a successful endeavor, he is using Kickstarter again, this time for a “Mark II” supplemental set.

This supplemental set includes items that were planned for possible “stretch goals” in the previous campaign, but done on their own, they can be had for a much more modest amount.  These items should be familiar to all fans out there!  We’ve got a “Pulse” modular accessory, a flashbang accessory, and a laser accessory.  You can check out the mirrored images below.

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Various different contributions will earn various different levels of these weapons, including multiple weapons in the package, and even painted versions of these guns!  As you can see above these are some highly valued and very desirable accessories for all of you G.I. Joe fans out there.

So go ahead and hit up the latest Kickstarter campaign from Marauder “Gun Runners”.  He has already achieved his primary goal, but by hitting the stretch goals, many more options are open.  See the details at Kickstarter.