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Over the past several years some pretty cool Jurassic Park toys using G.I. Joe tooling have appeared in the gray market and throughout Asia, indicating to G.I. Joe fans everywhere that some great potential fodder for their collections might be on the horizon.

So the fans waited…and waited…  and waited some more.  Here we are, two years down the line, and with still no Jurassic Park toyline at retail, it almost seemed like these items were destined for the dustbins of history.  Not so fast, my friends.

According to Variety, Hasbro is returning to Jurassic Park to assist Universal in revitalizing the now famous brand.  This news coincides with more auctions and Asian sellers appearing with various G.I. Joe themed Jurassic Park items.  All of this leads one to think that perhaps that G.I. Joe looking Jurassic Park toyline isn’t nearly as dead as we might have thought.

Granted, according to the article, toys won’t be hitting until 2014, so it’s entirely possible something totally new and different might be coming next year, but knowing how much Hasbro likes re-using tooling, I think it’s a safe bet that some of those very cool so-far unproduced Jurassic Park toys may find their way into collector hands.  Check out the full article right here, and for some great intel on the Jurassic Park/G.I. Joe connection, hit up