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I know I’ve been hearing a lot from friends of mine who were really interested in my thoughts on tonight’s reveal of the 2013 G.I. Joe Convention Hit & Run, and I’ve fully admitted that it just took me a little by surprise.  I was really hoping to see the familiar camouflaged version of the light infantry trooper, especially because the green and  black colors would still work fairly well among the Night Force paint schemes we’ve seen in the set so far.

So when the somewhat plain Hit & Run was revealed, I was a bit taken aback.

But, I’ve thought about this a little bit… and yeah, I know I’m consistently accused of looking at the glass half full, when I’m disappointed about something.  What can I say, it’s in my nature.  I see some real positives with this Hit & Run.

First and foremost, the foundation is now there.  The Club has access to the bulk of the tooling to make the fantastic Concept Case Hit & Run.  What’s to stop them from putting the regular version in the FSS down the line?  The figure scored really high on my Concept Case survey, so one would think that might encourage repeated trips “to the well” so to speak for the Collectors Club.  Heck, maybe Hasbro themselves has something planned?

But secondly, was this.  I had reported this very cool alternate paint scheme for Hit & Run on a post a while ago, but it had somewhat slipped my mind until I was reminded by Mizak23 in the comments section.  Leave it to ole Tim Finn from for shining some (possible) light on this.

Is it a true homage?  Is it a coincidence?  Knowing the Club like I do, I’m thinking it’s a combination.  They wanted Hit & Run in here, they had this cool homage, they wanted to use these parts, so they made an amalgamation that pulls elements from various places and gives us what is a pretty cool end result.  Check out the comparison image below:


Is it a perfect homage?  No.  But it’s close enough, plus it has the Night Force elements.  I think it’s a bit too close to be a coincidence.

So, the foundation is there, and I feel like there is a good chance we’ll see another one at some point.  I’ll be waiting on pins and needles again when the next one comes around.  Stay up on the latest and greatest GIJoe Convention news at