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JoeDeClassified SpecOps has posted a new episode of their excellent podcast, and this time brought in the services of none other than G. Wayne Miller.  For the uninitiated, G. Wayne Miller spent some time with both Hasbro and Mattel in the 90’s and wrote about the events in that time period in the fantastic book Toy Wars.  This is a must read book for toy fans in general and for G.I. Joe fans specifically as the book tells the story of Hasbro’s absorption of Kenner, an attempted buy out by Mattel, and the “evolution” of G.I. Joe from military toyline to the super hero-esque G.I. Joe Extreme.

It’s a fantastic read, and hearing Mr. Miller talk about his time in the industry on the podcast was equally entertaining.  This is something that every fan should listen to.

Hit up the episode right here, and check out for the images to go along with the story.